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Technical Description of the Website on WordPress

general description

We offer website development based on the popular content management platform (CMS) WordPress. WordPress is a powerful and flexible solution for creating a variety of web projects, ranging from personal blogs to corporate websites and online stores.

Main functions and characteristics

Design and user interface:

Custom and contemporary design to suit your brand and project goals.

Responsive design for optimal display on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Content management:

Simple and intuitive content management through the administrative panel.

Ability to add, edit and delete pages, posts, images and multimedia content.

Expandability and flexibility:

Installation and configuration of various plugins and extensions to expand the functionality of the site.

Integration of third-party services and APIs as needed.

SEO optimization:

Friendly URLs and the ability to optimize meta tags for search engines.

Generate a sitemap and support micro-markup to improve positions in search results.

Security and updates:

Regular security updates and patches for core and plugins.

Protecting your website from malicious attacks and viruses.

Social networks and multimedia:

Integration with social networks to increase audience engagement.

Ability to embed video, audio and images.

Analytics and monitoring:

Integration with web analytics services such as Google Analytics to track traffic and user behavior.

Technical details

Programming language: PHP


CMS: WordPress

Hosting: It is recommended to use reliable hosting with PHP and MySQL support.

Support and Maintenance

After website development, we provide technical support services, regular updates and backups to ensure that your website always works reliably and securely.

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Please note that this is a general technical description and should be supplemented with more specific details and requirements specific to your project.